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A day of craziness, chaos and fun!

On Saturday, December 15, we took on a pretty big task–perhaps a task on par with balancing the budget or creating world peace. We decided to really challenge ourselves by photographing 12 children from five families in a single day. Could it be done? We really were not sure. As the day approached, I started praying and getting my friends to pray. My uber-talented husband also agreed to help me take on this huge task–without his help it would not have been possible.

Why would we do that? I had been reading in the book of Daniel about how God granted Daniel favor and gave him gifts–gifts not for his own use but to be used for a much bigger purpose than that. Gifts to benefit his entire nation that was in captivity at the time to the Babylonians. I thought about my gifts. I think I have a gift for photographing children. Aside from the technical and artistic training I have taken, I just really love them and I have patience with them and now that I am an empty-nester, I have a huge appreciation for them! I think those attributes are a gift from God and I felt that I needed to share them.

Then…I saw a movie. If you have not seen October Baby yet, you should not walk but run to your nearest RedBox and get it. I was completely undone by this powerful film. You probably missed hearing about it-it had the unfortunate timing of coming out in theaters the same weekend as The Hunger Games. Bottomline, this movie reminds you how precious our babies truly are!

Children are born in a variety of circumstances–some easy but oftentimes the situation is difficult and challenging. I learned about how Mountain Area Pregnancy Center exists to support families and ease their burdens, whatever they may be. I asked if I could photograph some families that did not have professional portraits and would appreciate them–the response was awesome! We had such a great time serving these beautiful families and I think we ended up with some pretty special portraits. Of course, the big question is this: who was blessed more-me or them? It’s really hard to say.

The timing of this photoshoot was very poignant–it came a day after the school shooting in Connecticut. Every child is precious. It was a great day to spend with some pretty cute kiddos.


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